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We can do this using Javascript's Date() object. You can use this following function to get between two dates. It will return array. Here we are using isDate() and isValidRange() functions to make sure is the given string is Date and end date is not greater then start date. If the given string is not date, then it will return "error occured!!!... Please Enter Valid Dates" in browser console and it will return empty array.

var start = new Date('2016-10-25'),
    end = new Date('2016-10-27');

var between = getDates(start, end);

function isDate(dateArg) {
    var t = (dateArg instanceof Date) ? dateArg : (new Date(dateArg));
    return !isNaN(t.valueOf());

function isValidRange(minDate, maxDate) {
    return (new Date(minDate) <= new Date(maxDate));

function betweenDate(startDt, endDt) {
    var error = ((isDate(endDt)) && (isDate(startDt)) && isValidRange(startDt, endDt)) ? false : true;
    var between = [];
    if (error) console.log('error occured!!!... Please Enter Valid Dates');
    else {
        var currentDate = new Date(startDt),
            end = new Date(endDt);
        while (currentDate <= end) {
            between.push(new Date(currentDate));
            currentDate.setDate(currentDate.getDate() + 1);
    return between;

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